After Mueller report, conservative CNN host tears into ‘unfit’ Trump : ‘He’s got to go’

After Mueller report, conservative CNN host tears into ‘unfit’ Trump : ‘He’s got to go’

Conservative CNN host. S.E. Cupp said on Saturday that special counsel Robert Mueller‘s report showed that Trump is “unfit to lead”. However, she also said that that Congress should refrain moving to impeach him.

Cupp said on CNN’s S.E. Cupp Unfiltered, “The president is unfit to lead”. “He has repeatedly shown his utter disdain for our democratic process, separation of power and the law. He’s got to go, but not by impeachment.”

“The truth is without bipartisan support for such disruptive and drastic maneuver, it will only rip us apart even further, and that benefits only the President, not America,” Cupp continued. “Beat him with policies and ideas, at the ballot box, or with an agenda that does not divide us further and which is designed not just to piss off half the country or punish people who voted for him to become the President.”

Cupp criticized the Democrats as well for focusing on wrong issues.  She concluded that beating Trump with “hope, respect and optimism” wouldn’t be hard.

Her comments have come just a few days after the Department of Justice released a redacted report on Mueller’s 22-month investigation into Russian election interference and President Trump. The investigation did cover any evidence to conclude that the Trump campaign colluded with Moscow to have an influence on the 2016 election.

The report notes that Mueller was was unable to conclusively determine that no criminal conduct occurred with regard to the obstruction of justice.

Cupp said that the report, more than 400 pages, includes findings that would worry American voters and called Trump “a president who would rather protect his own self-interests than getting to the bottom of a foreign entity attacking our elections.”

Mueller’s report has also led to renewed calls from some of the Democrats that formal impeachment proceedings should begin. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) was the first 2020 Democratic presidential contender who called for Trump’s impeachment last week.


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