Brooklyn Nets General Manager suspended for entering refs’ locker room

Brooklyn Nets General Manager suspended for entering refs’ locker room

Sean Marks, the General Manager of Brooklyn Nets, has been suspended for one game without pay and fined $25,000 for entering the referees’ locker room after the team’s loss to Philadelphia 76ers in Game 4 of their Eastern Conference playoff series.

The Nets lost 112-108 on Saturday in a game in which Philadelphia’s Jimmy Butler and Brooklyn’s Jared Dudley were ejected for a scuffle that broke out following Joel Embiid’s flagrant foul against Jarrett Allen in the 3rd quarter.

That call will remain a flagrant foul 1, which means Embiid will remain with 2 flagrant foul points for the postseason. When a player reaches 4, he gets an automatic one-game suspension.

The Nets were already upset about the flagrant 1 Embiid committed against Allen in Game 2.  The coach Kenny Atkinson complained that the 76ers held Allen before he turned the ball over on the Nets’ last chance to get the game tied.

The Nets and Marks believed that Embiid’s flagrant 1s should have been deemed flagrant 2s. It seemed that more than sending a message to the league by challenging the referees, Marks were more determined to send a message to his team that the franchise is in full support of the way the players are competing in the series.

The penalty was announced on Sunday by NBA’s president of league operations, Byron Spruell.

Marks will serve his suspension on Tuesday, when the 76ers would try to wrap up the series in Game 5 in Philadelphia.

Butler and Dudley were fined $15,000 and $25,000, respectively, for their roles in Game 4’s scuffle, the NBA announced on Sunday.


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