Endangered species of whale experiencing a mini-baby boom off New England

Endangered species of whale experiencing a mini-baby boom off New England

Researchers on Cape Cod have said that an endangered species of whale is experiencing a mini-baby boom in New England waters.

The North Atlantic right whale is the rarest species of whale on the planet, numbering only 411. The CCS (Center for Coastal Studies) in Provincetown, Massachusetts, said on Friday that its aerial survey team has spotted two mom and calf pairs in the Cape Cod Bay on Thursday. This brings the number seen in New England waters to three in this year alone.

This is a big news because the whale’s population has been decreasing, and no calves were seen last year.  Seven right whale calves have been seen so far this year in all.

The whales give birth off Florida and Georgia in the winter and then travels to feeding grounds off New England in the early spring, including the Gulf of Maine, a body of water that touches New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine and Canada.

Cape Cod Bay is a part of the Gulf of Maine and is a very important feeding ground. The animals feed close to the shore often, providing watchers on the land  an amazing view of one of the rarest of marine mammals.

It is illegal to get within 1,500 feet (457 meters) of the animals without a proper federal research permit, so boaters are discouraged from trying to get close to the whales.


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