Governor Inslee Calls for Mike Pence to ‘Smell the Carbon’

Governor Inslee Calls for Mike Pence to ‘Smell the Carbon’

The governor of Washington, Jay Inslee, has implored to the United States to break their addiction to fossil fuels while announcing the fourth iteration of his plan to beat climate change at the Everglades, this Monday.

He spoke to the public and said that Mike Pence had been quoted saying that the USA has the cleanest air in the world, and that nothing worrisome stood from fossil fuel pollution. However, this is not the case, as carbon dioxide levels are at their highest point in all of human history.

The location of his speech stood only seven miles from a site where a legal battle broke out over rights to drill for oil. Florida’s 1st District Court of Appeals has granted Kanter Real Estate, LLC to drill an exploratory well. This decision is unfavourable to the aquifer which provides drinking water to over 6 million residents of South Florida.

The state has recently spent hundreds of millions of dollars in order to elevate roads and building walls to act as barriers against the rising sea levels around Miami Beach.

Inslee is running his campaign on one issue only – Climate Change and environmental protection platforms. He also proposes an immigration component for all those displaced by climate change and an infrastructure plan which will disallow new pipelines to be drawn. He also encourages sustainability of all new projects to be of top priority.

He says that there exists only one method to make a change and that is to win a total victory. His speech came after a 29 page policy plan was released, titled “Freedom from Fossil Fuels”. This is the most detailed policy among the Democratic candidates so far. The plan is to regulate the fossil fuel industry and reign in the subsidies for major polluters.  His policy aims to transition out of the coal industry and shut coal plants down in order to make way for cheaper, cleaner sources of energy.

Inslee also said that Trump had been lying to the families of these coal industry workers by claiming that he will be bringing them their jobs back, whereas this is not a possibility at all. While referencing the book ‘Uninhabitable Earth’ by David Wallace-Wells, Inslee said that he still had hopes for our future on the planet as human beings are fully in control of all the factors which have led up to this point in climate change.


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