Joe Sestak Announces To Bid Himself For President

Joe Sestak Announces To Bid Himself For President

The ever-swelling list of people seeing themselves as the President of the USA has swelled a wee bit more. Former Democratic Rep. Joe Sestak, former three-star Navy admiral, who has also been a Congressmen from Pennsylvania for two-terms and put himself in the race to the Presidency as a Democratic contender. 

The former Navy Admiral released a video on his campaign website where he outlined his credentials as a Naval officer and reminded the viewers of how he has “wore the cloth of the nation for over 31 years in peace and war” and argued that the great country needs a leader with a global experience and awareness of the geopolitics among the nations of the world. 

In his announcement, Sestak also said that the President is not the problem, instead, he blamed the system is flawed and reciprocates no accountability in return of the trust people of the country put on it. 

The two-term Congressman also weighed heavily on the perils of Climate change and how swiftly we need to put an end to it. He reiterated the need of liberal world order in times plagued with monopoly and interference with democratic elections across the world, where he gave Russia meddling with the US elections as an example. 

The number of people bidding themselves for President has now increased to 24 in the Democratic camp. Although the 67-year-old is believed to be a latecomer to the party, which he mentioned was owing to her daughters’ illness, the former Navy Admiral has surely raised some eyebrows across camps with the points he has raised. 

Previously, Sestak has served the House from the Year 2007 to 2011 when he defeated Arlen Spencer in 2010. Although, he later lost the general elections to Republican Pat Toomey.


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