Mistreatment of Migrant Children Leads House to Pass Emergency Border Aid Bill

Mistreatment of Migrant Children Leads House to Pass Emergency Border Aid Bill

On Tuesday, the House passed a bill to send emergency aid to the Southern border of the

country, coming to an impasse with the White House and Senate Republicans over policies relating to immigration.

The chamber which is democrat dominated has approved of the aid worth $4.5 billion towards the incoming migrants. This comes in order to appease liberals who are worried by the treatment of migrant children by the Trump administration. The party has included health and safety standards for the government to follow as questions are raised as to the living conditions of hundreds of children in a Texas facility.

The motion passed in a 230-190 vote. Four Democrats opposed the measure while three Republicans approved of it.

The GOP-held Senate will attempt to pass a version of this border aid bill before the 4th of July recess. As of now, it is unlikely that an agreement will be reached so soon. Democrats have always shown hesitation when it came to assigning funds to the Trump administration for immigration policies, as he is known to use these to credit as political victories to himself. The scramble to send funds to the border is inspired by the shambles of the US immigration policy. An Associated Press report has shown that the Texas facility has been mistreating children, showing malnutrition, unsanitary living conditions, and older children being asked to look after toddlers. On Tuesday, Customs and Border Protection Commissioner John Sanders resigned, beginning 5th of July. Trump has, meanwhile, been threatening mass deportations beginning two weeks from Sunday, if Democratic leaders do not amend asylum laws. Democratic leaders have tied the bill to opposing Trump’s agenda on immigration. Nancy Pelosi, in a statement shared by the House Appropriations Committee, spoke on how a vote for the new aid bill is a vote against the Trump Administration’s cruelty towards children. This bill creates an oversight by the Congress and will help in making sure that this kind of a crisis does not arise again.

A bipartisan bill has been passed by the Senate Appropriations Committee which is now to send the aid to the border, without any conditions. Yet, the While House threatens to veto both measures as none of the bills appropriate funds for detention beds, and ICE. Minority leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Ca, has accused Pelosi of inciting politics in the Senate, and urged her to accept the Senate version of the bill.


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