NASA offers huge $7billion contract for next moon landing mission

NASA offers huge $7billion contract for next moon landing mission

NASA is still attempting to lobby Congress and President Donald Trump to sign off on Artemis, which may require as much as $30billion (£24billion) to complete the task by 2024, NASA administrator James Bridenstine told CNN in June.

Though later on, while testifying to a Senate committee, Mr Bridenstine refused to pin down an estimate of the cost of the mission.

Trump has upped NASA’s budget for next year, however, leading many to remain positive in their anticipation of the US touching down on the lunar surface in the near future.

Mike Pence, Vice President of the US told a meeting of the National Space council in last week that: “We’ve put an end to decades of budget cuts and decline,” and that, “We’ve renewed America’s commitment to human space exploration, vowing to go further into space, farther and faster than ever before.”

The US’s target date of 2024 is much in line with a renewed space race, as it far surpasses that of China’s goals to reach the moon.

China’s National Space Administration aims to have its astronauts at a research station in the south pole in the 2030s.

India has already launched its second lunar mission, with a set pole landing scheduled for early September.

NASA’s current plans are outlined in a two-stage approach, in which landing back on the moon is the first; it hopes to establish and sustain a base on and in orbit by 2028.

From there, the US plans to send men and women to Mars to cement itself as the first country to send humans to the fourth planet in the solar system.

Mr Bridenstein said: Fifty years ago we had Apollo – It just so happens that in Greek mythology, Apollo had a twin sister, her name was Artemis, she was the goddess of the moon.”

The $7billion that NASA is currently offering is proposed for companies is to use a system to carry supplies and other items on a commercial rocket to the small Gateway station for six months of docked operations.

This craft would be used for storing various pieces of equipment and separately as a rubbish bin.


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