Northern Virginia tornado causes serious damage, wreak havoc as trees get uprooted

Steven Zubrick, Science and Operations Officers with the National Weather Service, pointed to a tree blocking a sidewalk in Reston and said “last night this tree was actually across the road” .

“I got home from the survey around midnight last night” he said.

He was back at it Saturday morning in Reston on working to plot the path of the tornado in daylight.

Zubrick added, “As I worked my way north, I could kind of see every time I crossed the path driving around, I could see maybe the tops of trees were sheared off or a tree uprooted”.

One of the trees that got uprooted crushed Ed Ault’s truck.

Ault, a Reston resident said, “You look at this twisted metal and it is amazing thinking how just one tree fell an it destroyed something that easily”  .

Ault was at his home when the tornado came through.

Throughout the day on Saturday, neighbors kept on checking out the damage.

One neighbor said, looking at the tree that blocked the sidewalk, “It is just amazing, it’s shocking!”

The National Weather Service said that it looks like the tree down on Center Harbor Road was the tail end of the tornado.


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