Reports Of Measles Exposure Coming From Westwood And Brentwood

Reports Of Measles Exposure Coming From Westwood And Brentwood

Earlier this month, two people who visited a restaurant in Brentwood and a theater in Westwood might have exposed other of the infectious disease, according to news reports. 

The two people in question are believed to have gotten infect whilst they were out of town and returned with the infection to Los Angeles. The two patients possibly got contacted to the disease in a country where the disease is more common and have carried it back to their homeland.

In the year so far, ten residents have contracted measles in Los Angeles County itself, nine out of those ten are said to be adults. Visitors to the area have also reported contracting the disease during their visit to the county. Owing to the rarity of the disease bordering on absence, most of the patients weren’t vaccinated before-hand and contracted the disease because of that. 

According to the health officials, the rarity of the disease in the year is the primary reason for the increase in the number of cases, as, residents don’t take the issue seriously and are quite carefree and nonchalant about contracting the contagious disease. This sudden outbreak of the disease, though, has meant that the residents and the visitors to the area are more cautious and wary of the contagious nature of the disease. 

Health officials have put out a warning for people in the area to stay wee bit cautious regarding the outbreak and have outlined safety measures for them. 

Anybody who was present at the Geffen Playhouse situated in Westwood on June 7, between 8 PM and 11 PM or at Toscana in Brentwood between 7 PM and 11 PM on the very next day might have been exposed to the disease and contracted it, the official warning read. 


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