Scientists discover a sea of fresh water under the ocean

Scientists discover a sea of fresh water under the ocean

Thousands of years ago there were glaciers which occupied the half of the planet. Oceans are the water bodies which have receded as the water got frozen by the huge sheets of ices which blanket or block the continent of North America. Glaciers started to melt when the ice age ended. The oceans rose and it made the sediments got accumulated over the fresh water and the fresh water is usually trapped with the sediments over the waves. The isolated pockets of freshwater are the world’s newest source of water which is fresh.

Scientific researches made by the woods hole institution of oceanography related to this ocean which is above an ocean. While researching on the research ship, certain things have been derived by making the measurement of the electro-magnetic waves which travel through the fresh water as well as the saline water. The researchers mapped out the reservoirs containing the fresh water. The subterranean pools which stretch from fifty miles from the US Atlantic coast which contains reserves of low-salinity groundwater which is twice the volume of the Ontario Lake. The deposits start below the floor of the sea and can stretch for hundreds and thousands of miles. The extent of the deposits of freshwater which suggest that the fresh water is trapped under the ocean can prove that certain resources are really important. The size and the extent of certain deposits can also be fed by modern dayrunoff from the land and which might also exist elsewhere with the ideal topography. The water is usually not the clearest fresh water because it contains huge amounts of salts and the salts are accumulated in certain parts. Still, it is considered as valuable and the desalinization process can actually turn the water into a drinkable liquid. The seawater is usually salty but this water is usually fresh. The scientific discoveries have thrown light to certain things which were unknown to us.


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