Trump Says Obama Care Works Adequately For Now, Individual Mandate termed Unconstitutional

Trump Says Obama Care Works Adequately For Now, Individual Mandate termed Unconstitutional

USA is currently facing a tug of war like situation between healthcare mandates. Former president, Barak Obama started a healthcare program which came to be synonymous with his name, OBAMACARE. Obama’s Medicare services have proven to be extremely beneficial for the citizens of the United States.

 The current president seems to have some issues and problems with Obamacare and called the entire effort as a major catastrophe and he pronounced that this will never work.  Most recently he conceded his remarks by saying “at least adequately for now”. He told the crowd that some drastic changes have been made by the higher authorities in order to make Obamacare more affordable and accessible to the masses. He also took credit for amending the Medicare Act, so as to make it into a Care Act which was more feasible.

To the secretary of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar, Trump said that he needed to do a ‘great job’ instead of a ‘good job’.

Trump has ceaselessly been trying to break the ACA, the landmark health care bill that was duly signed by the Obama in the year 2010. Since then, officials of Trump Government have made several attempts to make changes in Obamacare, resulting in the weakening of the Act and losing its appeal to the masses in the bargain. They commented that this healthcare scheme has tremendously hiked insurance premiums to Americans who work paycheck to paycheck.

Trump has been seen working resolutely to remove Obamacare from practice. His administration which previously claimed that only two key provisions which protect persons with pre-existing conditions should be removed, is now working on having the entire Act repealed.

It’s the people of USA to decide for themselves whether Obamacare matches up to their expectations or not. In order to take the credit for the misdeeds, Trump said that he was sure that Obamacare will be a major disaster, and once they got rid of the individual mandate, it will be bettered. However, he maintained that Obamacare will certainly not work in the benefit of the people. The official senate failed to win enough votes to pass a proposal to repel Obamacare.

An individual mandate has been termed unconstitutional by the government.


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